Medical Identity Theft?


Over the last year picture 1I have been informed that my identity has been stolen 3 times, all from insurance companies.  In addition, my home mail box was broken into.  At this point, luckily, there have been no long terms effects, but it did scare me into action.


There are several types of identity theft: medical identity theft, credit card theft and tax return theft.  We all know how difficult and expensive it is to clear up our credit, and how frustrating it is to work with the IRS to have your tax return back in your identity; but most of us don’t give a second thought to what would happen if our medical identity was stolen.


Imagine applying for a life insurance policy and finding out that you had medical condition that you have never had.  Or even worse, if you are in an accident and receive the wrong blood or medications. This could have disastrous results.  Believe it or not these thieves have their own HIPPA rights which make correcting the medical records even more difficult and expensive than clearing up your credit or working with the IRS.  Please click here to see article from the Seattle Times.


What can you do so you don’t fall victim to this crime? Good news — we offer a very affordable product that will monitor not only your medical identity but your identity from every angle from your Social Security number, credit cards, passport, email, phone number, driver’s license number, medical IDs and more. If any change in your status occurs, you will receive an email update immediately.  Call us today to learn more and start protecting your family.

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