I Just Lost My Job, Do I Have to Take COBRA?

pic 5No!

Losing your job is a qualifying event, and at that time you will be able to buy a health plan on the individual market, or through the Health Exchange. While you can take COBRA, it may not be your best option. It depends on a few things, such as your age, or your groups average age. You may also be able to have a more benefit-rich plan at the same or lower cost.  You might be paying too much to keep your group plan. To find out if this is the case, call FG Insurance! We will be happy to discuss your options with you. Also, keep in mind that going without health insurance will leave you open to paying a tax penalty and leave you vulnerable in the case of an emergency. You have 60 days from the date of the qualifying event to get health insurance on the individual/family market. Missed your window to enroll?  We have a product for that too. Call today!

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