Health insurance for 2017

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I want to start with good news!  No more dang username and passwords for  We have purchased software so we can bypass that entire mess of passwords and usernames!  It will make your life and ours much easier.  All we need is your name, state you live in and birthday.  Super easy, and straight forward.

Now everyone relax.  You are going to hear about HUGE increases.  Yes this is true.  But when you have an increase your subsidy increases so you will either see a reduction in premium or it should stay about the same unless your income has increased.

If your a business owner with 2  or more employees group insurance may become a option to consider. Rates are not going up as much on the group side as the individual side, it may be a option to see what the small group side looks like for you.

Many plans and insurance companies that were on the federal exchange are now not available on the exchange.  So many of you will now have to choose a new plan.  Here is what we will need to help you.

-Income changes

-Your doctor’s names – spelled correctly.

-Any address changes or household changes.
Below is the Modified Adjusted Gross Income under the (ACA) Affordable Care Act.



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