We offer real Dental Insurance not a discount program.

toothbrushVery Few People Go To The Dentist Often Enough. Having your teeth cleaned twice a year is one step to overall good health. There are only a couple Individual and Family Plans that offer Dental Insurance and when they do the plans are expensive.

With the rising cost of Group Health Insurance few employers are paying for the Dental Benefits. FG Insurance can offer a voluntary dental benefits to groups as small as two employees.

  • It does not cost the employer anything.
  • There needs to be two employees to enroll
  • The group do not have to meet any enrollment requirements other than proving they are a group and the people enrolling are on the payroll.
  • Charges may come out of the employee’s paycheck pre-taxed, or the employer may offer to pay a percentage of the benefit.

Over the last few years we have spent many hours researching Dental Options for our clients and what was available had long waits for major services, paid very little until year three, or was a discount program. It was just not a good option for most people.

We have found a few plans in the Individual and Family market, and a couple plans for Groups that really make sense.

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