Why Use a Broker?

The Brokers Role

Brokers play an important role when choosing your Health, Life or Medicare Insurance Plan.  We are always free to use, we are paid by the insurance company and can not charge consulting fees for our time.

A good Broker will:

  • represent all the carriers in your local Market
  • spend many hours monthly with each insurance company keeping up on the changes and variances

We also are well versed in the laws and the new legislation that is happening in state and federal insurance boards.

We will listen to your needs and ask questions to find a plan that designed for business or individual needs. 

 If your broker…

pushes you into a plan

does not ask  your medical history

                       does not ask why you are looking for insurance now

does not ask about your lifestyle

does not ask if you use a regular doctor or alternative care

  You probably are not dealing with a true broker and you should  receive a second opinion.

Brokers can save you Money!

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