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Lorraine Mason - FGInsurance

Lorraine Mason


Favorite quote: Never ask someone to do something you wouldn’t do.

Hobby: Curl up and get ready for a mushy romance novel.

Pets: Mr. Gibbs, Hunter, two very big dogs, and two cats

Founded FG Insurance in August of 2004.

“The thought was to be a true broker, representing all insurance companies rather than just one, and to always do the right thing for my clients.  On the personal side I grew up split between two small cities, Scotts Mills Oregon where I spent the summers picking berries on my Grandparents strawberry and blackberry farms and in the winter in Sheridan Oregon”.

Lorraine is a family person at heart. She has 2 children and 4 step children.

“Cooking is something I do to relax and having flowers all over the yard is something that I inherited from my Grandmothers.


Nick Johnsonjohnson-013

Favorite quote: “If I didn’t enjoy what I did, I wouldn’t do it”

Hobby: Taking pictures, being a carpenter on my home, and spending time with my son.

About: It’s a BIG change coming from the construction industry, to the professional side of the health insurance industry. Working a dead end job is no way to go about life. I made a demarcate change to improve my lifestyle.

So now I can spend as much time as I can with my son. I enjoy making people feel that they are making the right choice vs being stuck down one route.

Cassandra Alspaw

Hobby: Collecting vinyl, cooking, and crossword puzzlesalspaw-6314_circle_2

About: “A lover of music, and food, I made Portland my home 12 years ago. In my free time I find relaxation in exercise, painting, playing video games and catching
up on my favorite Netflix shows. Having a passion for animal welfare, I especially love taking part in charity runs that benefit animals.

Pets: One very sweet cat, Caroline